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Summer University 2015. Zadar

August 17 – 21, 2015
University of Zadar, City of Zadar, Croatia

Supervision – Guiding Lights
for Development in Times of Crisis

Crises are essential part of our lives. They are not the part of life that we necessarily like, but they are still an unavoidable part of our lives. Some of our most valuable strengths arise from such crises. Some of the life lessons were hatched just there, in the middle of the storm…And in that moment when the crisis brings upon us the strongest wave and when we feel all alone in the middle of the raging storm, we see a small ray of sunshine, just a small guiding light is all we need..…
Can supervision be that guiding light that will lead a supervisee out of the storm? And what could exactly a supervisor do to become a lighthouse visible from far away?
Within the 2015 Summer University in Zadar, we will create a safe and peaceful place under the sun …. a place where you will have the opportunity to look upon the scary storms from the safety of a lighthouse…So, if you are curious and brave enough to climb up and see the magnificent storms and rays of guiding lights come and join us in Zadar.

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the 2015 Summer University by participating at the event, exchanging your experience, skills and knowledge related to supervision.

We hope to be able to deepen our insights to the following questions:

  • What role supervision play in the time of the crisis?
  • Is supervision adversely affected by it?
  • Are supervisors in some ways collaborating, and willingly or unwillingly adding to the detrimental effects of societal, economic and political developments?
  • Can the crisis become an incentive for positive change?
  • What are the expectations of participants of supervision process at the time of the crisis?
  • In what ways crisis is present as a part of supervision process and content?
  • How do we perceive the crisis of values and how do we deal with it?
  • How free are supervisors to follow their own morals, and which morals are they adhering to?
  • How to use examples of good practice as resources for working in crisis circumstances?

By organizing 2015 Summer University, we hope to contribute to the professional development of all participants, their work and life environment. We aim to broaden possibilities for cooperation, mutually enrich our existing experiences and help provide strength to each other for new supervision and other challenges life brings.

As experts, we are faced with many types of crisis in various aspects of our lives. Crisis affects our personal and family life, areas of professional and social work, our financial wellbeing, education and moral values. Our role as supervisors has brought us the experience of working with and being faced with many types of crisis as well as the consequences they have on individuals and the society as a whole. This situation brings forth the question of the role of supervision in the process of facing the changes crisis brings and finding ways to resolve arising difficulties.

Consequences of the social and economic crisis can be expected to be continued in the following years, both in the psychosocial services that we provide to direct beneficiaries, education and other areas of work, and in work with professionals: social workers, psychologists, teachers, social pedagogues and others. Supervisees bring to focus their feeling of helplessness, frustration and pain caused by listening to troubles their beneficiaries are faced with as a result of all kinds of crises. They question their own competences and struggle with the process of professional development. However, as supervisors we have experience showing us that periods of crisis are also periods of intense learning and development of a person but of supervision as a profession too.

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